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Hi, welcome to my website! I'm IdioticSniper, a random guy in Chile who decided to create a website one day out of sheer boredom. There's currently not a lot going on here, but it'll be fillled up with more stuff at a later stage. At the moment, I collect (and I'm open to trade) concert bootlegs (started downloading on 07/03/2024), I run a personal blog over on Blogspot, and I share files on SoulSeek under the name "idsniper". If you want to trade shows, you can send me an e-mail, contact me on Soulseek, or send me a message on Discord (username: idiotic.sniper).

The bootlegs I trade are of whatever bands I'm interested in, or things that I decided to grab quickly. I'm mainly interested in: Alice in Chains, ALL, Black Sabbath, Descendents (none yet...), Faith No More, Green Day, Iron Maiden, Los Prisioneros (a Chilean new wave band, any boots/upgrades welcome), Melvins, Nirvana, Ozzy Osbourne, Tad (none yet...), Seaweed (shows wanted!), Slipknot, Soundgarden, System Of A Down, and Wretch Like Me (any photos and concerts welcome). -- I'm new to trading, and I do file trade only. - good forum with shows for download and discussion
 ijwthstd - daily posts, blogger that posts concert bootlegs from his collection
 Soulseek - lovely P2P network
 streety's site - he's cool and he's the bomb
 LiveNIRVANA - great resource for NIRVANA shows and sessions
 That's The Thing About That - taper that posts his shows as blog posts, MP3/FLAC download available
 The Trader's Den - good forum, bittorrent bootleg downloads (signup required)
 xproot's website - my friend who also has a good CS server

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